Month: November 2012

Rusung on Retreat

The Rusung plays an essential part in creation of the container of Shambhala Mountain Center’s meditative environment. Recently, Shambhala Mountain Center’s Rusung Zane Edwards did a solitary retreat in one of our lovely, isolated cabins. While he was there, he made this film reflecting on the retreat experience and its importance for all of us. Do you know someone who wants to see that beautiful time lapse of the sunrise over Shambhala’s Rocky Mountain range? Share it with anyone! To celebrate the fact that We’re Back!, and as an offering to the Shambhala Mountain Center community, we will be releasing videos sharing the talents of our staff, and explaining new initiative that are being launched. You can learn more about what we’re up to, how you can help support Shambhala Mountain Center and watch more videos from Shambhala Mountain Center by clicking here.

SMC in Vogue

by Christopher Seelie Allen Ginsberg – 136 Syllables At Rocky Mountain Dharma Center Tail turned to red sunset on a juniper crown a lone magpie cawks. Mad at Oryoki in the shrine-room — Thistles blossomed late afternoon. Put on my shirt and took it off in the sun walking the path to lunch. A dandelion seed floats above the marsh grass with the mosquitos. At 4 A.M. the two middleaged men sleeping together holding hands. In the half-light of dawn a few birds warble under the Pleiades. Sky reddens behind fir trees, larks twitter, sparrows cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep. July 1983 Looks Like Someone at Vogue is Reading Ginsberg Allen Ginsberg was no stranger to the sensation of a Rocky Mountain dawn and the unique peace that comes from sleeping in a tent at Shambhala Mountain Center (called, at the time, Rocky Mountain Dharma Center). His grateful bewilderment must have sparked something in a copywriter at Vogue Magazine, tasked with evoking the richness of autumnal colors in a $850 piece of knitwear. Rocky Mountain …

Make Ian Happy

Through out our We’re Back! campaign we will be sharing more videos like this one to let you know how important your support of SMC is! We will also be posting offerings and talent of the staff, and share with you some of SMC’s new initiatives to be launched in the upcoming year. Check out the new video! Please stay tuned for more to come.

The Renaissance Chef and His Awakened Menu

by Christopher Seelie He has been cooking professionally since he was 16 years old. He is classically trained as a French chef and apprenticed with a master sushi chef. He has managed kitchens in Big Sur, Crested Butte, and a Zen monastery. He has cooked for Joe Montana, Billy Idol, George W. Bush, Wonderwoman (Linda Carter) and MacGyver. He meditates Zazen style, and he studies Gestalt and hypnotherapy. He practices the Korean martial arts of soobahkdo and the sword discipline of kumdo. One thing is certain: Squire Davidson is a Renaissance man. And he has returned to SMC to manage the kitchen. Squire previously held this position from 2000 up to the Stupa’s consecration. Nowadays, he is reorganizing the kitchen to make the most out of his diverse and talented staff. Much like Shambhala itself, Squire and his staff bridge the gaps between East and West, manifesting in the most universal of containers: the dinner table. You can taste the results any day in the Peruvian ceviche and sweet potato chips, the sesame chicken or …

A Lot of New!

Welcome to the new Shambhala Mountain Center blog. We have a lot of “New” happening at SMC right now and wanted to share it with you. Following are some current ways for us all to stay connected. We are really excited about our new Blog. It’s a way for us to give you a peek at the inside story at SMC as well as include you in the journey of learning what it means to be engaged in making enlightened society possible. So tune in often for delicious recipes, photos, profiles of the wonderful presenters who are joining us, and more! New Website This new Blog is possible because of our new website, launched today. Many thanks to Blue Mandala, Sweet Design, and the many people who have been part of this effort. With the old website, when we wanted to make a change on the homepage, we had to go through a (very nice) guy in Canada. Now, we could change the homepage ourselves everyday if we wanted to. (We don’t.) All this to …