Month: September 2015

To Make Your Mind Comfortable, You Just Need to Discover These Two Things

By Orgyen Chowang Rinpoche Knowing how to work with your mind and how to make your mind comfortable are the most important things you can do for yourself and others. To make your mind comfortable, you just need to discover two things—that your mind is innately pristine and healthy, and that thoughts and emotions are not who you are, but just mental events. That’s all you really need to know. Once you understand that your mind is innately pristine, and that thoughts and emotions are merely mental events, it completely changes the picture of how you relate to your mind and how you experience life. This is the real solution. This is the source of happiness and enlightenment. With this knowledge you can solve any challenges you face. Once you recognize that your mind is innately pristine, then with meditation you can maintain that awareness more and more. As you do so, your thoughts, emotions, and other mental events gradually become less powerful and your mind becomes more comfortable. I refer to this natural state …

Appreciating the “Extra-Special” Harvest Moon Eclipse — Sept. 27, 2015

  By Andrea Schweitzer ~~~ The full moon of September is often called the Harvest Moon. This month our full moon will be extra-special. The Sun, Earth and Moon will be in alignment. When this happens, the Moon moves through the Earth’s shadow and a lunar eclipse is visible from Earth. On average, we see lunar eclipses about once every two and a half years. When the Moon moves completely within the Earth’s shadow, it is called a total lunar eclipse (as opposed to a partial eclipse). During a total lunar eclipse, some of the light from the Sun still reaches the Moon, but is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere giving the light reflecting off the Moon a reddish cast. (This is the same phenomenon that makes a sunset red.) Currently there are wildfires creating smoke and dust in the atmosphere, especially in the western United States. While it is unhealthy to have so much smoke in the air, more particles in the air enhance this effect, making it likely that the Moon will appear …

Learn About SMC Rental Spaces

Did you know that SMC rents its spaces to outside groups for workshops and retreats? We host a variety of religious and spiritual groups, as well as schools, universities, non-profits, businesses, and more! We provide a unique setting where groups can come together to connect in retreat, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and removed from distractions and speed. If there’s anyone you know who may be interested please share and check out this video of our program spaces! To inquire about rental opportunities, please contact: Click Here to Learn More about Renting a Space at SMC