Month: October 2017

How Not to Suffer

How to Value Yourself & Stop Hurting Yourself (Part 2)

By Blake D. Bauer // Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let
 pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place.  — Kurt Vonnegut Learning to value the very deepest parts of ourselves is often a painful stage in our awakening, through which we finally claim the intrinsic worth of our lives in and of themselves. Regardless of how it appears from the outside, we all live with parts of ourselves that are like dark rooms in which fragments of our soul feel mistreated or abandoned, and it seems as though no one is listening to our pain-filled cries. Ironically, it is ourselves whom we’re calling out to, asking our higher self to turn on the lights and flood these dark spaces within us with a deep self-love, care and respect. When we’ve lived believing and feeling that we’re not lovable or deserving of love, …

Mindful Eating

[Video] Golden Rules of Mindful Eating

By Marcella Friel // What do we mean when we talk about mindful eating? Is it really about dutifully chewing a single raisin for hours on end? Simply put, mindful eating is about learning to pay attention — pausing to check in with yourself and discern, among other things, Why you feel like eating — are you hungry, or is something else at play? What you are eating — does this food truly nourish you? How you feel as you’re eating — are you in your body or somewhere else? How you feel after eating — are you contented, overstuffed, still hungry? In this video I present a few simple tips from the “Yoga of Eating” as presented in the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda (and echoed in other traditional cultures) that will help you synchronize your mind and body to be fully present to the food on your plate. Shambhala Mountain Center hosts Mindful Eating: Learn EFT to Liberate Yourself from Unwise Food Choices with Marcella Friel, January 26–28, 2018 — click here to …

Getting Better at Letting Go This Season

By Sara Avant Stover // Autumn is my favorite time of the year, perhaps because I grew up in Connecticut surrounded by the splendor of changing leaves. The season’s crisp winds, golden light, and first days of school instill a fresh, buzzing, alive feeling inside. I feel inspired to complete unfinished projects before the holidays, and I love bringing out cuddly winter sweaters, woolly scarves, and cozy tights. Long walks through crinkly leaves remind me of romping in leaf piles on my way home from school as a young girl. The magic of the season extends deeper than our wardrobes, though, for during these crucial months, nature prepares for her long winter’s rest and teaches us to do the same. It is time to gather, store, organize, and wind down from summer’s high tempo and the relentless forward momentum that modern living usually demands. When the crisp winds of autumn start to blow, we need to tune in to the signal that it’s time to start slowing down. As leaves fall to the ground, they …