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[WATCH] SMC Townhall with Michael Gayner & SMC Staff from Nov. 19

Town Hall meeting with Michael Gayner and SMC staff representatives, in which they share experiences of returning to the land after the fire, and offer updates about how the Cameron Peak Fire has impacted SMC and our initial plans to rebuild.


  1. Though there are only a few of you there, if anyone new arrives please isolate that person. Your online presentation is not safe enough unless all present have been isolated from the outside community a week, preferable 2 weeks. If one person speaking had some COVID viruses, taking the mask off while speaking involves both inhaling air that a previous speaker had exhaled into, and sitting within 4-5 feet of Michael Gaynor. The type of masks you are wearing do not filter viruses, but do trap viruses in medium -large droplets. Fine particles that go around the mask will drift a few feet. Looks fairly good if none of you have been off the land in the last 2 weeks! I’m “only” a RN but have been a respiratory educator, and taken clinical diagnostic virology course.
    As for content it is great!

  2. will wolboldt says

    1. fyi- RMSC had 14 winter staff for 1993-4 winter season

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